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Titan Global Unveils New Project Management Software

Titan Global Distribution™ Introduces New Project & Warehouse Management Software

New technology provides a 360-degree view of logistics projects to clients and more
ST. LOUIS (October 29, 2019) — Titan Global Distribution™, an Atlas Logistics® affiliate and logistics solutions provider, announces today the launch of TEAM (Titan Electronic Account Management), a state-of-the-art project and warehouse management tool that puts the company at the forefront of automated business management.  
The cloud-based technology provides a 360-degree view of logistics projects to all of Titan’s account managers, clients, warehouse network vendors and field subcontractors. The platform offers never-before-seen data—all in real time and at one’s fingertips— that presents unrivaled communications capabilities as well as complete project visibility.   
“TEAM makes us totally digital and mobile,” said Jason Kohl, Vice President and General Manager of Titan Global Distribution. “We now have the ability to automate the transactional components of the logistics process, allowing us to dedicate additional resources to creating efficiencies and identifying improvements for client projects.”
TEAM provides a means to see all the parts and players in Titan’s large and complex projects, often involving the installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment for hundreds of units for hospitality and healthcare clients, among others. The technology offers capabilities for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and integrates with the current customer relationship management (CRM).  
“We are excited for our clients to benefit from this best-in-class platform that will create additional efficiencies and visibility within their supply chains” said Matt Van der Linde, Vice President of Business Development for Atlas Logistics. “Now, all parties are able to see comprehensive developments for multi-tiered projects, from transportation to warehousing to final installation, improving both communication and decision making when seconds matter.”
The portal also serves as a communications hub for sharing information as needed. Users can control how they receive alerts and updates and have the ability to build their own custom dashboards and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
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About Titan Global Distribution™
Titan Global Distribution™, a subsidiary of Atlas World Group, Inc. and project management provider for Atlas Logistics®, answers complex logistical challenges with efficiency. As a third-party provider, Titan orchestrates a network of experts to serve corporate and institutional clients who open, renovate or relocate facilities. Titan managers supervise the movement of furniture, fixtures, and equipment from multiple vendor locations. Titan clients are assured of secure transit and storage, coordinated delivery, and flawless installation. Discover the difference Titan Global Distrubition can make. 
About Atlas®  World Group
Atlas World Group, Inc., an Evansville, Ind.-based company, is comprised of a family of companies that deliver transportation and related services globally through a network of quality agents and select service partners. Nearly 500 Atlas® interstate moving agents in the United States and Canada specialize in corporate relocation, household moving services, supply chain solutions, and specialized transportation of high-value items such as electronics, fine art, store fixtures and furniture.