Case Study: How Atlas Logistics® Revamped One Food Service Supplier’s Transportation Management

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Case Study: How Atlas Logistics® Revamped One Food Service Supplier’s Transportation Management

Atlas Logistics® is dedicated to not only improving our own workflow as an innovative logistics and supply chain management company; we always welcome the opportunity to deliver this experience to our clients with researched and tested methods. Atlas Logistics recently had the opportunity to put this into practice with a partner in the restaurant equipment industry. This leading supplier of stainless-steel products, plumbing supplies, and refrigeration to food service dealers required a tailored solution to fit their unique needs, not a one-size-fits-all plan. Atlas Logistics was prepared to answer this call with decades of supply chain management expertise.


About the Client

When we met with our future client, we saw an opportunity to help them gain a competitive edge in their industry. Our client values competitive pricing and back-office support as well as national sales support, and we believed that by bringing our logistics approach to this company, we could give them the tools to allow these qualities to stand out even more amongst other industry leaders.  


A Closer Look at the Problem

In 2022, most retailers are dealing with supply chain issues, and our food service partner was no exception. This company was not only facing increased prices, but struggled with claims processing, particularly with handling disputes and allocating enough time to properly process each case. Working in the food industry, our client also had the added problem of challenging freight profiles, which are typically not appealing due to the many different sizes of products, making each shipment a more complex process.  


How Atlas Logistics Responded

To increase productivity, our first step was to establish a centralized system for tracking shipments and claims to keep operations moving smoothly. We started by implementing a web-facing Transportation Management System (TMS) for rating and booking shipments to increase effectiveness in centralizing shipping data in one, easily accessible location. This makes it easier for our client to more carefully monitor performance and identify areas of improvement in the future.

As we transitioned from our client’s in-house TMS to our TMS platform, we took a strategic approach, carefully integrating the two systems together rather than expecting our client to adapt to an abrupt change. This resulted in a seamless transfer that focused on the thought process behind the TMS and not the TMS system itself as a solution to our client’s logistics issues. 

There is more to tracking shipments and claims than just the infrastructure, which is why we welcomed to opportunity to educate and coach our client’s staff on National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) classes and National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) packaging for each product, ideal for less-than-load (LTL) truck environments. Additionally, we worked with the staff to improve claims negotiation skills and best practices for handling W&I disputes. 
It is the lasting knowledge that will allow for continued innovation, which is why we took the time to understand exactly what problems our client was facing and worked together to train its employees for future logistical challenges. Our customer service took on all aspects of claims negotiating and settlement with an emphasis on prevention, supporting a growth mindset necessary to embrace the continuing challenges of a competitive, everchanging industry.  



At Atlas Logistics, we are committed to giving our clients solutions that will help them continued to innovative business practices, creating an environment conducive to growth and profit. Our work with this client best demonstrated our commitment to clear communication and good rapport. We go above and beyond the expected, and it delivers actionable results among our clients. Our work with this client put them back on track to effectively manage their transportation and delivery systems, giving them a more representative grasp on their products in motion. They are better prepared for future claims and pricing issues and are now comfortably trained in a TMS system that keeps their logistics within reach at all times. They are ready for the industry challenges ahead.

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