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Our business is helping your business.

Atlas Logistics® has provided commercial logistics services since 1970. As a division of Atlas World Group, Inc. (parent company of Atlas® Van Lines), our brand is known for quality and attentiveness to customers across every industry we serve. Our partners and associates count on us for fairness, financial stability, and creative thinking to solve problems.

Atlas Logistics® uses the expertise of our freight brokerage and 3PL division in conjunction with Atlas Specialized Transportation™ to provide comprehensive transportation management solutions to our clients. Both groups work closely together to make sure we have the proper mix of asset-based and brokerage solutions to maximize capacity and minimize freight costs.

TopHAT Logistical Solutions, an Atlas Logistics® affiliate based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, oversees the delivery, transportation, and warehousing operations for many leading retailers. 

Atlas Logistics Inc. U.S. DOT 650860