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Healthy Relationships for Healthcare Logistics

Case Study: Growing a Healthy Relationship for Healthcare Logistics

logistics-hospital-installation.jpgAtlas Logistics® is known for single-source logistics solutions that support a market advantage for customers. This case study looks at how Titan Global Distribution, Inc. and Medline Industries, Inc., have developed a solid partnership in the healthcare supply sector. Medline is the largest, privately held manufacturer and distributor of healthcare supplies in the United States. Titan handles delivery and installation of new furnishings and equipment for Medline at hospitals, clinics, and other health facilities. Using Titan's expertise, Medline supports its market position with final-mile service that is a cut above.

Titan "White Glove" Service

  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Staging & pre-assembly
  • Scheduled deliveries & onsite placement
  • Unpacking, assembly, installation
  • Debris removal, cleanup, recycling of materials
  • Reverse logistics

Finding a Comfortable Fit

In its first conference with Medline, Titan discovered that the handling and installation of hospital beds was an area of interest. The Titan team was experienced in coordinating the setup and placement of hospital beds on previous projects. As Account Manager Colleen Kennedy stated, "We handle this particular type of furnishing all the time. We are very familiar with the components, headboards, footboards and side rails, and their proper installation."

Based on Titan's proposal, Medline awarded a contract for installing the beds and case goods in a hospital. Medline suppliers shipped the goods to a local, secure, Titan-approved warehouse. The warehouse manager oversaw the storage and staging of goods for delivery. A white-glove team handled the goods on-site, assembling and placing everything as requested by Medline.

Building on Success

Given the ease with which the first project unfolded, Medline discussed with Titan a need to install shelving for linens, medicines, and other medical supplies. Could Titan install shelving on-site as efficiently as it had handled the hospital beds? The answer was 'yes.'

Depending on the project, Titan installers pre-assemble shelving during staging or, when materials are received at the hospital, perform the work onsite. As with beds and case goods, Titan team members remove packing and debris, leaving the facility as clean as when they arrived.

In addition to beds and shelving, Titan routinely takes responsibility for the delivery and installation of exam tables, wardrobes, couches, chairs, and over-bed tables. The Titan network of logistics experts, warehouses, and installation professionals gives Medline an advantage. By extending Titan's service to customers, the company reinforces its market position with added value.

At any time, the two companies are working together on a dozen or more different projects. Typically, Medline ships items from one of its distribution centers to a Titan-approved warehouse. The Titan team takes over from there, ensuring flawless final miles for Medline and its customers.

"We consistently receive positive feedback on the professionalism and efficiency of Titan delivery crews. That's why Medline is excited to collaborate with Titan so we can provide value-added services to our customers while continuing to grow the installation project business in the upcoming year."
- a Medline Representative

"We show clients that logistics doesn’t have to be an unknown factor in their service delivery. They see how our service can be an asset for their competitive gain."
- Ron Strunk, Regional Director-Business Development, Titan Global Distribution


Strictly Sterile

Some areas of hospitals, such as surgical and supply rooms, require special attention to dust and other contaminants. Titan installers are well versed in the protocols for clean and sterile environments. They frequently work in gowns and gloves. They follow best practices for draping and taping areas to keep them clean. And they are keenly aware of prohibitions against any material, such as cardboard, that has the potential to release particles into the air.

Reporting Transparency

Titan documents the work it performs with the appropriate signatures and photos. These records testify to the progress of work and support timely, accurate processing of invoices and disbursements. As it does on every project, Titan provides web-based, email, and telephone reporting according to the client's preferences.