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Asset Management

Asset Management

At Atlas Logistics®, we recognize the time and effort that goes into properly managing your business’s assets. We also know the stress that comes with having to transport these valuable assets from one place to another, which is why it’s important to know that there are logistics companies out there that you can trust to handle them. Atlas Logistics offers professional, trustworthy shipping solutions for all of your O&I (Office and Industrial) asset shipping needs. When shipping your assets, you should feel confident that they will arrive at their destination safely and on time. At Atlas Logistics, we have an extensive North American network with first and final mile pickup and delivery, so you always know where your items are in transit and when they will arrive at their destination.

What We Move:

Atlas Logistics can assist you with moving any of your Office and Industrial items, including:

  • Desks and tables
  • Air conditioning units
  • Heating units
  • Industrial refrigeration units
  • Printers and fax machines
  • Other office and industrial equipment you might need to move

What is Reverse Logistics?

Atlas Logistics doesn’t just take care of transporting your items from one place to another, or from business to customer; we also handle reverse logistics, or sending materials back to the supplier (or back up the supply chain) from the customer. We can handle things like reverse logistics shipping for returns, repairs, recycling, resale, and more.  

White Glove and Final Mile Services

Our white-glove service means that we don’t cut corners when it comes to taking care of business completely and professionally. As soon as you contact our Atlas Logistics representatives, you will be connected to a real human being—never an automated machine. Our seasoned and knowledgeable team members will walk you through the process of deciding which of our services is right for you. Our user-friendly tracking tools help you keep track of your valuable items while they’re in transit, and we offer final-mile delivery services such as delivery and placement, unpacking, and the removal and recycling of all shipping materials. With Atlas Logistics taking care of the finer details, you have more time to tend to other aspects of running your business.

Partner with Atlas Logistics

Atlas Logistics has been in the commercial logistics business for decades, offering superior and trusted logistics solutions to businesses since 1970. Our seasoned team of experts can guide you through the process of finding which logistics services are right for you. Want to work with us? Request a quote with Atlas Logistics today.