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How a single-source logistics provider can help you

Understanding what a single-source logistics provider brings to the table

November 13, 2019

An effective logistics provider can be a major game-changer for all businesses with supply chain management needs. With the right partner in place, companies can more confidently and effectively manage a variety of logistical needs, from transporting time-sensitive shipments of raw materials and inventory to carrying fragile, high-value items to their intended destinations.

A single-source logistics provider plays a unique and especially valuable role in the world of supply chain management and support, providing companies with a universal touch point to address a wide range of potential needs. Let's look at what a single-source logistics provider brings to the table.

Single-source logistics providers manage the details of many supply chain needs for their partners.

The value of all-in-one outsourcing

Logistics are complicated. Arranging shipments and deliveries with several providers is often a time-consuming process. It requires substantial attention to detail and relationship management with a wide array of different business operations and the personalities of their points of contact. While some companies find success with this arrangement, it's not an easy one to maintain or scale with your organization's needs in many cases. The good news is there's an alternative to this more traditional approach to managing logistics, one that includes a one-stop shop for managing many different supply chain needs.

A single-source logistics provider works with your business and a range of third parties to bring shipments where they need to go. Whether it's a regularly scheduled delivery of inventory or an incredibly time-sensitive need, a dependable provider has a number of strategies for making sure shipments get where they need to go at the appropriate time. They may utilize their own fleet of vehicles, especially for delicate, high-touch shipments, or contract with dependable third parties to move your freight from point A to point B. The crucial difference for your business is that you don't need to manage several relationships - potentially dozens or hundreds - with individual shippers. 

Inbound Logistics said the potential for gaps in a supply chain increases as a business works with more and more service providers. Issues, such as a warehouse operator and trucking company failing to coordinate the pickup or receipt of a shipment, don't need to be carefully managed by your company. A knowledgeable and dependable single-source provider will actively and carefully supervise all of the actions required in a successful supply chain ecosystem. And if delays or other problems occur, your organization has a single line of contact for addressing such issues - and the confidence that your partner has the knowledge and skills necessary to reach a positive resolution.

Instead of having a sizeable staff on hand to primarily or exclusively handle logistics concerns, companies with a single-source partner can focus more attention toward internal processes. This strategy sets the stage for your enterprise to realize an effective mix of cost savings on excess staffing, additional attention on core workflows and more agile operations overall.

How Atlas Logistics® stands out

The benefits of working with a single-source logistics provider are clear, but why is Atlas Logistics a great choice for addressing your company's supply chain needs?
  • A decades-long track record of helping businesses across the modern economy manage their logistics needs, from manufacturing and health care to hospitality and fine art galleries and museums.
  • Dedicated support for clients, including a single point of contact for all logistics needs and the industry knowledge to successfully manage a wide variety of supply chain needs.
  • Relationships with third-party companies across the country as well as access to padded vans for critical, fragile shipments.
To learn more about what Atlas Logistics can do for your business, get in touch with us today.