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The Unique FF&E Needs For Senior Living Facilities

The Unique FF&E Needs For Senior Living Facilities

June 2, 2020 

For many sectors, FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) forms an integral element of overall logistics needs. FF&E constitutes objects and elements that are generally static in a building but are also movable. They don't impact the structural integrity of the property.

FF&E logistics, when planned well and properly executed, can prove absolutely essential.

This is true for conferences and events, restaurants, the hospitality industry and senior extended living facilities. After all, what's a restaurant without chairs and tables, or a hotel without beds, desks and alarm clocks?

Let's take a closer look at why FF&E is so important to senior living facilities and find out what's unique about this sector's requirements.

Why senior living facilities can't afford to underestimate FF&E

Commercial real estate company CBRE releases an annual report on the costs for senior housing developments. Their 2020 report noted that overall development costs rose 6.4% during the previous year. At the same time, CBRE noted that FF&E accounted for 3.6% of total development costs, despite the fact that these expenses aren't always included in self-reported figures by developers.

The good news is that the organization found FF&E costs had fallen 2.2% the previous year, so FF&E isn't to blame for the rising cost of development overall.

That said, the message is clear: You need to make your FF&E investment count. Partner with a logistics provider that knows the industry.

What's unique about FF&E needs for senior living facilities

Senior living facilities require different FF&E support than businesses in other industries.

Rooms in these establishments are often furnished and those furnishings are used by long-term occupants who may have health problems.

It's true that businesses in the hospitality industry may require a comparable level of furnishings. However, since these are long-term homes - especially for people who may have limited mobility or other concerns - speed and quality and essential to the trade. There's no offseason where a senior living facility can catch up at once, and the quality equipment installations need to last.

Atlas Logistics has significant experience providing turnkey FF&E solutions for senior extending living facilities, including expert project management and installation. Contact us today to learn more.