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One to Win

Atlas ®’ entry in the 3PL arena came as a complement to existing final mile and pad-wrapped services. Fast-forward three years, and the consolidated Atlas Logistics ® brand is showing impressive growth. Sales are up a solid 7 percent this year, with brokered freight surging more than 50 percent. The reason: Atlas Logistics ® brings the experts and resources for a total capability—and the determination of being “one to win” the customer’s business.

amponline_logistics_sub2matt_banner3ae7928a44f4647685c2ff0800fd6176“The market is responding to our new business model,” says Vice President of Business Development, Matt Van der Linde. “We’ve positioned our brand and our organization to deliver best-in-class solutions, putting the right providers at
the right price point in place.

For shippers, working with Atlas Logistics ® is seamless—they know one brand provides a total package. Service delivery begins with a unified sales effort that examines every opportunity in light of all available resources. Team members bring know-how from disciplines across the logistics spectrum. They understand the nuances of different industries and shippers, whether dealing with high-value goods or commodities.

“We’re finding that our team approach to developing solutions opens up cross-sell opportunities,” says Matt. “Every project represents the potential for added revenue up and down the supply chain—opportunities that can help create revenue for our Atlas ® Agents.”

amponline_logistics_sub1phil_banner4ce7928a44f4647685c2ff0800fd6176 Phil Wahl, Vice President & General Manager, Atlas Logistics ®, adds, "Now that we're offering a supply-chain solution – rather than transportation, warehousing, installation, or final-mile services individually – we are opening the door to more opportunities. We are going to our customers and identifying their logistical needs, and providing a total logistics solution. We want to be the one and only call that a logistics customer makes to find an efficient and competitive solution."

The Atlas ® Agent network gives Atlas Logistics ® an added depth for timely, comprehensive answers. It is often the deciding factor that opens hauling or warehousing opportunities.

“As the Atlas Logistics ® brand grows, Atlas ® Agents will continue to benefit,” says Matt. “Ultimately, the object is to win the business in our core service offerings for Atlas ®. The market is responding because we can provide everything they may need for virtually any logistics scenario. But more than that, we put it all together and make it easy.”