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Are you prepared for your next conference?

Are you ready for what conference exhibitors need in 2020?

How many notifications do you have on your phone right now? Do you quickly review them all at once, barely glancing at the contents before you brush them aside? What does it take to grab your attention?

Moving into 2020, the number of distractions in our lives will continue to proliferate, and it'll take something exceptional to stand out.

That goes doubly so in the swag-saturated world of conferences and trade shows. According to Crain's New York Business, the promotional giveaway industry rakes in $25 billion in sales each year.

If you're hosting an event, your exhibitors are going to jockey for attendees' attention. That means you need to be ready to meet unique requirements, particularly for vendors who want to provide conference and trade show participants with special experiences and memories.

Find out what exhibitors will need from your event space in 2020.

What techniques will conference and trade show booths use to stand out in 2020?

Virtual reality gets really big

A Goldman Sachs report indicated that the market for virtual reality and augmented reality technology could reach $80 billion by 2025, though that serves as their baseline case, and adoption could vary.

Wherever that total winds up, it's on the uptick now. Savvy marketers have already employed the technology to help consumers experience the results of their brand. In their report, Goldman Sachs pointed to so-called Holorooms developed by Lowe's to help customers see how their home improvement projects might turn out.

In 2020, we expect that VR's rising popularity and relative novelty will be attractive for conference and trade show exhibitors who want to draw attention to their booths.

You'll need to be ready. Be sure that you can supply booths with the power they'll need to keep these headsets running and the security they'll need to keep them safe. These high-value items might also mean your exhibitors need reassurance that the conference logistics company you hire can handle their cargo with care.

Score points by adding games

Retro gaming systems play on the nostalgia of conference-goers and give them opportune ice breakers that help with networking. Whether it's a classic home entertainment console or a big multiplayer arcade booth complete with a joystick, video games can be a big draw.

Of course, analog is an option, too, and sometimes the best way to get seen is to make a show. Human-sized tabletop games like chess, especially if paired with a compelling brand-related theme, can attract the attention of passers-by who need a break from the main events.

Meeting planners should be aware of the space and power needs of these trade show exhibitors, and they should offer customizable packages so marketers can really make a splash. Attendees will likewise be happy that exhibitors aren't hemmed in at cookie-cutter booths. Make sure you have a logistics partner for your event who can handle a variety of set pieces in nonstandard dimensions and that have excessive weight.

Partner with a dependable logistics provider

Together, these trends will only increase the demand to have a dependable logistics partner on hand for your conference or trade show. Taking on an expert logistics partner can reassure your exhibitors that your event stands ready to support the kinds of unique displays they’ll need to attract attention and provide memorable experiences. You’ll need a logistics provider that’s professional, timely, knowledgeable, safe and responsible to securely transport and deliver their cargo on schedule.

To find out how Atlas Logistics can deliver the service your exhibitors demand, request a quote today.