FF&E Restaurant


Commercial kitchens and dining facilities rely on Titan to manage projects that range from preparing the grand opening of a new restaurant to removing and replacing a single piece of kitchen equipment. We provide the skilled professionals on site to handle the placement and installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment, wall menu boards and artwork, debris cleanup, and proper disposal and recycling of removed items. We also offer specialized machinery rental, including cranes for placing oversized or heavy equipment. 

Your Titan project manager is dedicated to keeping you informed of progress. You’ll have an open line of communication and access to answers when you need them. Titan managers are experienced, responsive, and intent on your success. We work with you one-on-one; we are not a call center. 

Count on Titan for complete FF&E service to ensure uninterrupted operation of your restaurant or commercial food enterprise. 

Cafeterias and Restaurants
Fast Food and Franchise Operations
Commercial Kitchens and Dining Areas
Corporate Dining Facilities
Residential Health Care Food Service
Snack Bars, Lounges, and Break Rooms
Catering and Food Processing Businesses

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