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Benjamin Moore Paint Displays



Titan partnered with two other firms to bring a logistical solution to Benjamin Moore & Co., a leading U.S. manufacturer of premium quality residential, commercial and industrial maintenance coatings. Working with Design Display Group and Atlas Specialized Transportation Group, Titan ensured the timely delivery and placement of color sampler displays in hundreds of retail locations across the U.S.


This article originally appeared in the Winter 2006 edition of the Atlas Amplifier, the magazine of Atlas World Group. 

Benjamin Moore - Paint Store DisplayAunt Gertrude is a lovely lady. But sometimes she has trouble making up her mind. Take, for example, the time she went through five gallons of paint before she finally decided on the color that would look best with her cherry cabinets and mauve curtains.

Thanks to Benjamin Moore & Co., fussy decorators like Aunt Gertrude now have a common-sense tool to help them choose colors. The color sample display lets them try a color on for size before they commit to painting an entire room. And thanks to collaboration among Design Display Group, Titan and Atlas STG, these displays are showing up in locations across the country.

Benjamin Moore Store Fixture Installation"Titan and Atlas began working on this project for Benjamin Moore in May of 2004," says Titan Special Projects Manager Wilda Poehler. "In February of 2005 we teamed with Design Display Group. All told, Titan and Atlas have set more than 2800 units in place."

STG National Account Supervisor Darlene Duff says the Titan-Atlas partnership makes for efficient service.

"Titan sends us the orders with the information we need to register, coordinate and deliver," says Darlene. "We deliver anywhere in the U.S. within two weeks; our operators unpack the units and set them in place." Titan Sales Manager Mark Sesti believes the cooperative approach brought efficiency to the project right from the start.

Benjamin Moore Retail Logistics Store Display"STG Vice President of Sales David Coulter and I met with representatives from Design Display Group and the marketing team of Benjamin Moore to gain a clear understanding of their expectations," says Mark. "We took the findings from that meeting to develop a solution using our combined strengths. Everyone involved with the project has benefited from this collaboration."

Design Display Group is a leader in merchandising design and display branding. Benjamin Moore & Co. is a leading U.S. manufacturer of premium quality residential, commercial and industrial maintenance coatings.








Benjamin Moore Paint Store DisplayTitan worked with Atlas STG and Design Display Group to coordinate the delivery and inside placement of 2800 merchandise displays for Benjamin Moore & Co.