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Final-Mile Home Delivery: TopHAT

Final-Mile Home Delivery: What We’ve Gained From TopHAT Logistical Solutions

As COVID-19 drastically impacted supply chains in March of 2020, the acquisition of TopHAT could not have come at a more convenient time. The pandemic halted life as we knew it, forcing home delivery to be a critical tool when mandated shutdowns closed many business doors. Businesses might be back open, but the need for delivery solutions has only grown exponentially since early 2020, with no sign of slowing down.
Expanding personalized service
Before the acquisition of TopHAT, Atlas® offered an array of final-mile delivery options centered on business deliveries and warehousing rather than the residential scope provided by TopHAT. Starting in February 2020, TopHAT came on as an affliate of Atlas Logistics®, a move that helped both companies to expand service coverage across the States and Canada..
With the addition of a full-service “white glove” delivery service, Atlas Logistics has grown the sector even further to provide world-class last-mile delivery services for retail customers from coast to coast. In addition, TopHAT provides customers a more personalized service for in-home deliveries that may require installation or assembly. Atlas Agents are looking forward to growing and expanding their portfolios with the addition of TopHAT’s white-glove delivery sector, which provides long-term opportunities.
Shared values
The final mile is a critical component of the supply chain and requires great care. At the core of Atlas Logistics and TopHAT Logistical Solutions, customer satisfaction and a positive customer experience are top priorities. Both organizations share a culture built on Midwestern values, which has only contributed to the acquisition’s success. As a cohesive unit, Atlas Logistics, in conjunction with TopHAT Logistical Solutions, has fostered growth from a client perspective and the Agent family. With TopHAT and the aid of Atlas Agents, the partnership is set for success.
Where to next?
The Atlas connection has opened doors for TopHAT with retailers such as Costco®, Macy’s® and LG®. These major retailers, among others, plan to expand services with the backing of Atlas and the Agent network. Atlas and TopHAT have plans for a national home delivery network to sell to large-cost customers and service their shipments, no matter where they reside. The future holds great opportunities for last-mile delivery, with the promise of more significant expansion in years to come.
For decades, Atlas Logistics® has supplied premier commercial logistics services. The brand is recognized for quality and attention to clients throughout every sector served as a part of Atlas World Group, Inc. (parent company of Atlas® Van Lines). Its partners and associates expect fairness, financial stability, and creative thinking to solve problems.
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